Shoreline Defense - Emergent Pond Plant Control
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Long-Term Control for Emergent Weeds

  • Broad Spectrum Emergent Weed Killer
  • Kills To The Roots
  • Long Term Control Of Cattails
  • Replaces Avocet PLX

Kill the roots of even the most persistent emergent aquatic weeds & grasses. Pond Logic® Shoreline Defense® is great for controlling cattails or any other plant growing above or out of the water. Apply directly to the foliage, allowing it to be absorbed by the weed, killing the roots for long term control. Shoreline Defense® is not to be used for submerged weeds. Works great for beaches, shorelines or anywhere emergent weeds grow. Use with Treatment Booster™ PLUS for the best results.



  • Item #: 530157
  • Manufacturer: AirMax
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 530157

Shoreline Defense - Emergent Pond Plant Control

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