Savio 8' Pond Free Waterfall Package
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Savio Pond Free® Waterfall Packages include professional quality components and its nearly indestructible Waterfall Well™ component. Savio Pond Free® products provide everything necessary to build a dynamic waterfall or stream-scape environment except the rocks and plants.
Kit Contents:
  • Savio Waterfall Well
  • Savio 16" Waterfall Weir
  • Water Master Clear Pump - WMC2220
  • 45mil EPDM Liner - 10x15
  • Underlayment - 10x15
  • Kink Free Hose - 2"x15'
  • Black Foam
  • Plumbing Kit
  • Step-by Step Instructions
  • How to Build a Pond Free DVD

Package Creates a Pondless Waterfall with a 6' Long Stream and a reservoir up to 4' x 6' and 2' Deep



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  • Item #: SPF0500
  • Manufacturer: Savio Engineering, Inc.
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PF0500

Savio 8' Pond Free Waterfall Package

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