Pond Dyes & Colorants


     Adding a pond dye or pond tint to your pond can enhance a ponds beauty and benefit a pond in many ways.  Often called "Pond Shade", pond dye blocks the rays of the sun that can cause algae growth.  Also, just like having tall trees or a pergola near your pond, a "shaded" pond will stay cooler and thereby retain more oxygen to help fish and beneficial bacteria thrive.  The added color can also help to deter predators from your fish by making the fish more difficult for predators to locate.

    If you are worried about the dye coloring your skin when you swim, don't.  After 24 hours of being applied to the pond, the dye will not stain.  The concentrated form, however, is a different story.  It can stain your clothes and hands, so be sure to wear gloves and work clothes when adding dye to your pond.