Muck and Sludge Digesters


     Muck and Sludge Digester products do just what they say.  They are blends of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are designed to "eat up" the decaying fish waste, leaves, and other organic matter that has settled to the bottom of a pond or water feature.  This bacteria is already present in your pond, but boosting their levels and enhancing their environment gives the little guys a chance to really go to town on the muddy guck at the bottom.  Keeping these organics under control can also help with water clarity and overall water quality for your fish.

    Remember that muck and sludge digesters do not work overnight, since the decomposition of organics is a slow process, and that no bacteria is going to eat up sand, clay, and other inorganic materials.  Also, make sure that you have adequate aeration in your pond when using sludge digesters, because the decomposition process can use up necessary Oxygen in your pond water if you are not careful.