Microbe-Lift TAC - Totally Active Clarifier

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 Microbe-Lift TAC - Totally Active Clarifier

Microbe-lift/TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) contains billions of select microorganisms per gram in combination with proprietary microbial support constituents, carbon-platelets, buffers and essential sea salt to promote a healthy pond environment. Contains no messy fillers. A 100% active and 100% water soluble bio formulation designed specifically for pond water.

* Can be used with other Microbe-Lift Products.
* Promotes clean, clear, odor-free ponds.

Microbe-lift/TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) is formulated specifically to promote clear, clean pond water by developing highly active microbial populations and eliminate all organic waste matter from your pond system.

  • Keeps water clean
  • Eliminates organic buildup
  • Significantly improves water quality and appearance
  • Buffers/aids in pH control
  • Improves marine life quality
  • Promotes essential bio-film development
  • Promotes bio-filter performance
  • Beneficial to water plant root systems