Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media - 20 lb Bag
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Microbe-Lift Concentrated aquatic planting media. Kiln dried. Allows you to mix any ratio of loam to planting media. Perfect for water lilies, aquatic iris, cattails, or almost any aquatic plants. Plants easily take root, but the planting media not only does not promote algae growth, but inhibits it!

Pre-colonized with beneficial bacteria!

  • Kiln fired, will not break down or float
  • All inert ingredients that retain oxygen
  • Safe for all fish and plants
  • Will not cloud pond water
  • 10% natural minerals
  • No fertilizer, peat or compost
  • Contains no algae promoting nutrients
  • Has large surface area for colonizing beneficial bacteria
  • Item #: MLCAPM20
  • Manufacturer: Ecological Labs
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MLCAPM20

Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media - 20 lb Bag

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