Blue Ridge Growth Formula Koi & Goldfish Food

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 Blue Ridge Cool Water Wheat Germ Koi & Goldfish Food is a cold water diet designed to improve fish digestibility at low water temperatures. Blue Ridge was developed through 30 years of fish hatchery experience. It is a highly digestible diet that enables fish to efficiently utilize nutrients, which in turn reduces fecal waste and biological load on your pond and filter. It contains all food elements, minerals, and vitamins necessary for fish growth, vitality, and vivid color. These 3/16" pellets are designed for feeding when water temperatures fall below 60°F.

  • High-quality diet used by America's leading koi breeder
  • Supports improved digestibility at low water temperatures
  • 3/16" pellets ideal for spring and late fall feeding

Feeding Instructions
Feed when water temperatures falls below 60°F. Feed two to four times daily (only as much as fish will consume in five minutes).