Beneficial Bacteria


    Beneficial bacteria is already living in your pond.  However, boosting the amount of those bacteria and enhancing their ability to thrive is an extremely helpful and sometimes necessary method of water quality control.  Bacteria is beneficial because it breaks down many unpleasant toxins and organics that can have extremely negative effects on the beauty and smell of your water, as well as the well being of your fish. 

    You will find that all of these products have the same basic idea:  increase beneficial bacteria levels to enhance water clarity and maintain fish health.  All of them are different in the blend and types of bacteria they contain and the purpose for which the blend is intended.  The Aquascape Starter Bacteria for instance is specifically designed to be added to a new pond that has very little bacteria built up and needs to be "seeded and cycled" before adding fish.  Other bacteria blends can be used for this purpose as well, but are they may be blended more for maintaining water clarity or they may have some sludge digesting bacteria types added as well.  Read through the descriptions of each product and find the bacteria blend that will perform the action your pond requires.  Remember that Oxygen is always important for maintaining beneficial bacteria levels, so if your pond has poor aeration or circulation then you may find that you need to dose more often with beneficial bacteria or that the bacteria you add is less effective.