Algae Treatments


    Have algae problems and looking for a water treatment to keep it under control?  Here are a few questions you might ask yourself to help you in the right direction.

    Do you have any fish in you water feature? 

    If not consider a highly concentrated algaecide, such as Fountec for fountains and small ponds or Alge Defense for larger ponds.

    Is your fish pond full of plants, but you still have a stringy algae problem? 

         Consider products to help you fine tune the balance in your pond, such as Clarity Max by Crystal Clear, SAB by Aquascape or Pond Balance by Interpet.

    Is the stringy algae mostly a problem in the stream and/or on the waterfall? 

    Try an algaecide that works on contact to kill the algae directly, such as Algae Off by Crystal Clear, EcoBlast by Aquascape, or Oxy Pond Cleaner by Microbe-Lift.

    Looking for an all Natural solution to your algae problem? 

    You might go with Barley Straw Pellets or Barley Straw Extract.

    Just looking for a strong algaecide that is still safe for fish? 

    Then why not give D-Solv9 by Crystal Clear, Algaway by Microbe-Lift, or Aquascape Algaecide a shot.


    Still not sure which product is right for your pond?  Give Mud Monsters a call at (505)217-2856 or email us at and perhaps our experts can guide you in the right direction.